We offer unbeatable services in travel industry of Pakistan. We have many flexible packages to meet your needs.

Umrah Services

VIP Transportation: Throughout your Umrah and Ziarat's, we provide you luxury transport. In our premium packages, we provide private modern cars & limousines.

Escorted Ziarat's: Our representative escorts you from your accommodation to Ziarat's and back to accomodation. So, you don't need to worry about missing any place.

Hotel of Your Choice: Booking your Umrah package with us means, you have a wide range of hotels to select.

Fast Visa Processing: We offer premium fast track visa processing for our valued Umrah passengers. That makes your journey possible, even in short schedules.

Hajj Services

Stay in Best Hotels: With our premium Hajj package, stay in Grand Zam-Zam; Makkah's tallest hotels (0-Meters from Haram) and we have a wide variety of luxurious hotels in Makkah and Madina.

VIP Stay in Mina: Mina tents maktab in VIP area and easy walk to Jamaraat. 3 buffet meals in Mina. 24 hours hot and cold drinks. Tents with private bathrooms.

Escorted Transport for Tawaf-e-Ziarat: We provide escorted transport for Tawaf-e-Ziarat. That makes your journey more comfortable, reliable and hassle free.

Madina to Makkah Transfer Options: Travel Madina to Makkah, either by air or by luxury Mercedes buses. We provide nearest accomodation in Madina and specially - No stay in Azizia.

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Corporate Travel

As a part of our best travel services for our clients, we also provide extended travel services to our corporate clients and companies. Appointing us as your travel service provider means trust, service, reliability and peace of mind. Some of our special services for corporate companies are as follows:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Free home or office ticket delivery
  • 24/7 real time support
  • Special discounts for group travel
  • Monthly account statements by e-mail and post
  • All travel services at reduced service fees
  • Best after sale support

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Other Services

  • 24 hours reservation and ticketing (7 days a week)
  • Manpower Consultancy
  • Arrangement of air tickets for all air lines
  • Hotel reservation worldwide
  • Visit visas for Dubai, Saudi Arabia
  • Business travel scheduling and tailor made personal travel
  • Innovative and competitive pricing
  • Facilitation of excess baggage Hajj and Umrah Services
  • Offer comprehensive and complementary services to support customers ranging from airport transfers and hotel bookings to the organizations and exhibitions
  • Provide the transport services for family, business class and VIP Package including from bus, GMC, Limousine to Helicopter
  • City Tours